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Importing a script into the tableread App. 


Via a PDF Reader. Best practice for iOS.

Importing a script into the tableread App. 


Via Internal Storage. Best practice for Android.

Getting around the App. 


Let's take a look at some homepage basics.

Navigating a tableread. 


The basics of navigating around a script project.

Settings Menu. 


Looking at global switches for the read, rehearsal mode and notes.

Scores Menu. 


Looking at global switches for scores and how to preview, download and select a score.

Character Menu. 


Looking at how to setup, preview, alter and set character voices.

Rehearsal Features. 


Learn how to rehearse one or multiple parts.

Voices Menu. 


Looking at how to preview and download character voices.

Scenes Menu. 


Looking at how to select and toggle scenes.

Notes Menu. 


Learn how to create, listen to and filter notes.

Playback Speed. 


Learn how to speed up and slow down the read.



How to export Script Projects and Notes.

Why doesn't my tableread begin reading from the start of the document? 


By default tableread begins reading at the first scene header - beginning with INT. or EXT. You can switch this off in the global settings by selecting 'Read Title Page'. tableread will now read the entire document.




Why can't I change the Script Details of some Projects?


The likely reason is that you have imported a script that was configured by another tableread user. Only the person who exported the script can change the Script Details in project settings.



I am having errors importing a script, what can I do?


tableread works by parsing scripts that have been correctly formatted in professional screenwriting software. Please make certain that this is the case.


You must import a PDF file with live text - meaning, the text can be selected and not flat.





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